Who We Are

Châteaux Noire, the first of its kind, is a collection of spaces specifically curated with the content creator and socialite in mind. Introducing one of the most exclusive and creatively infused private social spaces in the heart of the city, we offer a wide range of production and event services to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Beyond hosting, the Châteaux serves as a content house providing the perfect creative escape to photographers, filmmakers and content creators to produce their work with the help of our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled technicians.The house has been created to serve as a canvas for content creators to innovate, capture, ideate and collaborate with other like-minded individuals, while eliminating the difficulty of sourcing for the apprioprate location. Our space is also available for private hire to members for intimate or elaborate gatherings.

A Black-owned Organization.

Our Team

Anita Söne, CoFounder & CEO

A 2x non-profit founder, entrepreneur, and Ivy League graduate, Anita has broken several barriers in the world of advocacy and innovation. Châteaux Noire is the conduit for which she will widen accessibility of aesthetic content creation. It is also how she will foster community through unique and meaningful social events.

Thaddeus Yarney, CoFounder & Investor

A dynamic and visionary founder with a strong background in early-stage investing. With years of experience in project management, Thaddeus has honed an unparalleled ability to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities, while also possessing the skills to manage and execute complex projects.

Join Our Team

We are always looking to grow and expand our family. Please inquire here for career opportunities.

A creative & social revolution