Our Spaces

Each room is a one-of-a-kind versatile space that can be tailored to fit any event, from intimate gatherings to large-scale productions. The interior of the house is an enticing blend of sophisticated space planning, modern craftsmanship and artistic features.

The Living Space + Kitchen

This room features a sitting area opening up into the alluring attraction of the chateaux's garden. The spacial, art deco interior of the room is complemented by a contemporary twist. With neutral furniture, gold design elements, & handcrafted wooden fittings the aesthetic appeal of this space is created. Gallery

The Master Suite + Spa

Featuring a King Sized Bed layered with imported linen lit up by a breathtaking chandelier, this room is a luxurious blend of tradition and contemporary design being elevated by the strong yet chic details of its elements. The Spa embraces its textured walls and charming bathroom trinkets in a luxe décor inspired space. Gallery

The Garden

Châteaux Noire captures the luxuries of the outdoors through its beautifully landscaped garden. From the avant-garde stone carved fire pit lavishly situated in the heart of this area to the well tended greenry and flowers, the Châteaux Noire Garden is the perfect location for hosting a range of stunning intimate gatherings. Gallery

The Photography Studio

Are you a creative director or photographer looking to create a stage of your own? Are you hosting an event at the Châteaux? Take advantage of our fully equipped, miminal design studio and bring your imagination and event to life through beautiful memories. Gallery

The Vanity SUITE

A few steps away from the master suite is the Vanity with an interior that delightfully blends Art-Deco inspired touches and femme silhouettes with a sense of high-polished glamor. It is a flattering mix of pastel colors and ultra-glam notes introduced through its high-shine surfaces and finishes. Gallery

The hosting suite

With its statement seating and bold, artistic design elements set against hand painted lime wash walls, capture the ideal podcast content in this Tulum boho setting. Unique paintings and handcrafted sculptures line every corner of this room creating the perfect podcast studio.Gallery